Lotto Sport Lifestyle Shoe for Men

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Sku: 8021228
Color:  Grey  
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Lotto Sport Lifestyle Shoe for Men
৳ 3,290

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  • QUALITY/DURABILITY : Lotto Lab integrated modern techniques to increase the performance  without affecting the performance of each pair of shoes. 
    • Heat sealing along insole perimeter for maximum resistance over time. 
    • Premium Flynet  upper.
  • Proper Air Circulation :Breathable upper  for air circulationBeathable .           
  • Absorbs Shock :EVA foam sole absorbs shock waves .
  • WASH&DRY : Machine washable at low temperatures .                             
  • FIT & GO : Immediate maximum comfort from the first use-phase, and for all types of use.
  • LONG MEMORY: Instantly adapts to the shape of your feet to return to normal afterwards.   


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